Colorfix™ Semi-Permanent Color Remover with Argan Oil

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Remove unwanted semi-permanent vibrant hair color with One 'n Only Colorfix™ with Argan Oil.

One 'n Only Colorfix with Argan Oil removes semi-permanent vibrant hair color using a mild lightener for optimal color removal. NO NEED TO WAIT!  Reapply color immediately.

How to Use:

  1. Mix 1 oz. Dye Lifter with 1 oz. Processing Lotion
  2. Appy to hair with semi-permanent vibrant hair color or direct dyes
  3. Process up to 20 minutes at room temperature (no heat)
  4. Rinse with warm water for 3–5 minutes
  5. Shampoo & condition
  6. Rinse & dry thoroughly
  7. Hair is now ready for the next color application!

    Key Benefits:

    • Perfect for anyone who loves experimenting with bold colors & trends
    • Contains 100% Argan Oil to nourish & protect the hair