Own Your Beauty

Own Your Beauty

We believe that everyone has something that makes them unique.

One n Only brings passion and creativity to designing haircare products that enhance the beauty of the hair you were born with. Experience our Argan oil collection and hair coloring products that allows you to be real, be you.

Infused with 100% natural Argan Oil, One n Only custom products give your hair natural shine, revealing stronger, smother and healthier-looking hair, every time.


why one n' only argan oil?

Our nourishing formulas help repair, moisturize and provide ultimate shine relieving incredibly stronger, smooth and healthier-looking hair. Feel and look beautiful just by "you being you!"

argan oil + acacia collagen

Experience the extraordinary benefits of Argan Oil + acacia Collagen to help combat visible signs of aging hair, plump the hair volume and restore shine.

Acacia collagen is a plant-derived substitute for animal collagen rich in minerals that add strength to the hair cuticle.



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