The Best Hair Color Trends for 2022

The Best Hair Color Trends for 2022

New shade drop in 3..2..1! Beverage-inspired shades, we’re so glad you joined the One ‘n Only party! For those who like to have a little fun with their color and others who like to keep their “natural” color on the DL…we’ve got your back.

We can’t tell you how much we've loved watching color trends change over the years, but somehow we always find ourselves going back to the classics. Step into our world of color and find your perfect match. From rich root-beer brown to cream soda blonde, we’ll never let your sparkle go flat. 


One ‘n Only Beverage Bar Color Menu

Light Root Beer Brown
served bold w/ a scoop of ice cream
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This medium brown features gorgeous tones of golden red and is perfect for anyone who is looking to make a lustrous statement. Upon walking into the party, you’ll be making heads turn left and right. This color truly looks stunning on any skin tone and will have you stopping at every "mirror mirror on the wall"!
Dark Rusty Copper Blonde
Served aged w/ a bitter orange slice
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Oh, she’s sweet, but she’s FIERCE! This blonde copper shade is fiery and exciting, a match made in permanent color heaven for women who aren’t afraid to risk it all. The deep tones of coppery blonde glisten in the sun and need no introduction. Channel your inner wild side with Dark Rusty Copper Blonde!
Dark Caramel Mocha Blonde
Served sweet w/ a brown sugar rim
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Turn up the heat with this warm light brown and watch your confidence go from a 10/10 to a 100/10! With highlights of golden chocolate tones, this color will be simply striking on our One ‘ n Only babes with green or hazel eyes. This shade is the perfect amount of sweet and sultry for anyone who wants to dip into warm tones.
Medium Cream Soda Blonde
Served creamy w/ a side of honeycomb
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Giving us all the Scarlet Johansen vibes, Medium Cream Soda Blonde features light brown and golden tones. Can’t decide if you want to ditch the brown and go with the blondes that, “have more fun”? Yeah, that’s exactly why we made this happy medium. You’ll be smiling from ear to ear while rocking this shade!
Light Ginger Ale Blonde
Served cold w/ a lemon
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Play it safe with this beautiful golden beige. Made for our classic blonde lovers who want to step up their game, this shade is serving serious model vibes. Remember when you were told that ginger ale can fix almost anything? Yeah…we’re here to report, it's true.
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